Picture Stopper

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet SPRING....

Well, I took the warm days and put them to good use. Went for some walks outside as well as took a couple pictures of the girls(Ella and Kianna). I know its usually mom to take their pictures because she is the best but I was just playin around, dressed the girls up and got them outside for some shots.

I definetely have to thank my mom for the eye I have for photography...or at least the eye that I think I have. She has definetely taught me all I need to know...and hopefully will continue to teach...oh yeah and let me use her camera! (until I can afford my own lol)
Anyways...thanks mom!!

Dont want to stay on here too long, I have to help get dinner organized as well as calm Ella down. She is not a fan of me being on the computer when she is awake...FAIR ENOUGH!! :) 

Just have a couple pictures to share today...took a few of the girls and then a couple of Kade(he posed for a second while I was setting Kianna up so got a quick shot) 

One of my favorites...GORGEOUS GIRL.

Definetely forgot to clean her face...

Kans looking all grown up.

I dont have time to post pictures of Ella in this post...I will definetely post them the next time around. So glad the girls went to the gym today so I could capture a couple precious moments of Mands gorgeous babies!

Song For Today: Dont You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean
(Not for any other reason but because I know the words and when I sing it I feel like such a rock star)