Picture Stopper

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet SPRING....

Well, I took the warm days and put them to good use. Went for some walks outside as well as took a couple pictures of the girls(Ella and Kianna). I know its usually mom to take their pictures because she is the best but I was just playin around, dressed the girls up and got them outside for some shots.

I definetely have to thank my mom for the eye I have for photography...or at least the eye that I think I have. She has definetely taught me all I need to know...and hopefully will continue to teach...oh yeah and let me use her camera! (until I can afford my own lol)
Anyways...thanks mom!!

Dont want to stay on here too long, I have to help get dinner organized as well as calm Ella down. She is not a fan of me being on the computer when she is awake...FAIR ENOUGH!! :) 

Just have a couple pictures to share today...took a few of the girls and then a couple of Kade(he posed for a second while I was setting Kianna up so got a quick shot) 

One of my favorites...GORGEOUS GIRL.

Definetely forgot to clean her face...

Kans looking all grown up.

I dont have time to post pictures of Ella in this post...I will definetely post them the next time around. So glad the girls went to the gym today so I could capture a couple precious moments of Mands gorgeous babies!

Song For Today: Dont You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean
(Not for any other reason but because I know the words and when I sing it I feel like such a rock star)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Chocolate:)

I dont even know what the holiday is for(Easter)...dont pay attention to that. I just know that when its this time of the year there is chocolate bunnies and eggs and all sorts of delicious treats out there!!
Anyways thought I would just post a couple pictures. Shay, Ella and I went down to SuperStore tonight to get a couple things and we picked up a CHOCOLATE Easter Bunny...which I am very excited to eat I might add!

Ella was in her heaven as well, I am sure she knows what it is even when it is in the packaging. That must look bad on me hey....probably means I need to cut down on eating chocolate thats for sure!

Needless to say she loved it and I love it so its all good. Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend, eat lots of chocolate, definetely laugh lots...and enjoy the LONG weekend!!

This is when she was thrilled about her chocolate Easter bunny.
(By her face you can tell that)

I told Grammy to take the chocolate away.....
She tried to reach as far as she could.

And this is when her bunny was all gone....
I didnt really want her up all night!

But thats all for tonight....Will talk as soon as I can get back on here...Ella now needs her mamma!

Song for today:Turn on the Radio by Reba.

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time Time Time...

So its kinda silly that I cant get on here before three years have passed but literally being on the computer while Ella Bella is awake is not happening, being on the computer when Miss Ella is sleeping, yeah I kinda forget about it!
Anyways I was checking peoples blogs out today and got inspired to write something, El has been sleeping for a couple hours now though so she probably will be up any time...(Gotta make this quick).

Things are good... other than the weather that it. I feel like when I wake up and the sun is shining that I can put on my shorts and a tank top and head outside. I open the front door because I feel all springy/summery and then get a real rude awakening to find out that...oh yeah its still winter and probably minus something. So needless to say I do wish that the weather would change to nice.. :)

Ella will be nine months in like a week and a bit and its literally the craziest thing. Its weird because I say that its gone by so fast but I feel like she has been in my life forever and ever!! Which is the bestt feeling in the world I might add.
Being a mom is such a reward...dont get my wrong some days are extremely hard when nothing seems to be going your way but in the end, when your baby smiles at you or laughs or calls you mama....ITS ALL WORTH IT!
She is starting to move around from her belly to her bum to her knees so I think she is going to be crawling anyday now...and I am so thrilled for that!
Its weird how this pink little bundle can change me from being excited about what boy I should choose for my boyfriend (LOL or the in my mind boyfriend) , or what color I should wear to school to not being able to wait to get down on the floor and crawl with my little girl!!! Its going to be AWESOME!

I just realized I need to write in this blog thing more often, makes me think about how good I really have it.

Anyways I hope everyone has had a good week so far. Whatever you wanted to get done this week....you have three more days til Friday....thats how I am lookin at it anyways! :)

My Song For Today: The Climb By Miley Cyrus 
" I Gotta Keep Trying, Gotta Keep My Head Held High........Its The Climb"

*Sorry no pics today...I will upload some next time*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forever Ago...

Well this is the first time that I feel organized enough to get on the computer and write a little post before my little Ella Bella wakes up, you never know I might not even get through it! 

I was thinking just the other day about being pregnant...and how amazing it was when I felt Ella kick inside me, wondering what she was and who she was going to be, when she was going to be here.....and now she is!  Not only is she here but she is almost five and a half months! All very exciting.... Its weird because I love this stage right now and the one before and one before but I can not wait for the ones ahead. 

I was just telling mom that I can not wait to crawl around the house when El starts crawling, and chase her up and down the hallway when she starts walking and running. (And of course can't wait to lock her in her room when she is seventeen!!) 
Life has been in fast forward for me, stressful and happy all at the same time! I am just taking one day at a time...and enjoying every breath that I have. I advice you to do the same....its great to watch all the little moments!!!

Thanks for the gym today mom and mands...feeling better and better about myself. :):)

My song for today: Collide by Howie Day
Just a couple pictures for you...Have a good day!! =)

El getting ready to go play with her cousins!! 

She was in absolute heaven :) :)

My sweet little peanut and me....love her!

Mom took all these pictures...her label isnt on them so I thought I would mention that she took these wonderful pictures!! :)
Have a good one...Stay WARM!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Tuesday....

 Since mom has been back at work, Manda and I have been trying to get together when our days are not to hectic and try to hang out a bit. So today I went to Mandas house(still here, trying to get a blog in before Ella wakes up and is hungry) Anyways, Manda had some lunch ready for us and then we went for a walk, it was hot out and we were talking about how we would be sweating soon enough, then Calgary showed us that it can be hot one second and FREEZING the next. The park was fun though, Kade enjoyed the rocks....

One quote from today:
"Kade, lets go home we can get a cookie!!"  The little girl looked up at me from her bike and asked   " Where do you get those cookies??"
Can't wait to give my little Ella cookies!!! 
Have a good rest of your day.  

My little Ella Bella in Mandas jumparoo, oh dear she is getting so big!!

The girls holding hands( they were happy beside eachother)

This is my little nephew Kader, he is getting so big!!

Just a little parking spot for our girls!! Thought it was cute!